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September 20,2008

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Brisingr is the the third book in the Inheritance Cycle Series written by Christopher Paolini. It was released in 20 September, 2008 by Doubleday.


Eragon travels with his cousin Roran to Helgrind and kills the ra'zac. Then Roran marries Katrina, his fiance, (who was captured by the ra'zac). During the wedding The Varden are attacked by an enemy dragon rider but Eragon manages to defeat him. The enemy flees before he can be captured.

Eragon then journeys to the dwarf capital city Tronjheim and helps his friend Orik be elected king. On the way back to The Varden, Eragon goes to Ellesmera to see his old teacher, Oromis. But when Eragon gets there Oromis tells him that he is going to leave Ellesmera and help the elves capture the city of Gilead.

A few days later Eragon, reaches The Varden and helps them capture the city of Ceuneon. After the battle he finds out that Oromis has died while trying to help the elves capture Gilead.

POV charactersEdit

Like the other books the main protagonist is Eragon therefore most of the book is in his viewpoint. However there are a few chapters that tell the individual story of other characters, some of whom where only secondary charcters in the first and second book. there are only two other POV characters in Brisingr: Nasuada, leader of the varden and Roran, Eragon's cousin.