The Crow
The crow


The Crow

Written by

Alison Croggon

Cover artist

  • Philip Schramm
  • Niroot Puttapipat


  • Walker Books
  • Penguin books


May 1st, 2006 (Australia)



Preceded by

The Riddle

Followed by

The Singing

The Crow is the third book of Pellinor Series by Alison Croggon. It was released in 1st May 2006 (AU).


Maerad's brother, Hem, has fled Norloch and reached Turbansk safely. He joins the Bard School there and begins to learn the way of the light. But because he doesn't speak the Suderain languge he doesn't fit in very well, until one day he finds a crow called Irc, and cares for him and they become friends (in the language you can talk to animals).

Later that month, they receive news that Turbansk will be attacked by the Nameless One. All children were soon evacuated, but then, Hem is allowed to stay behind and heal the sick. Hem, Saliman and Irc flee Turbansk just before it is overrun. Whilst escaping he is trained as a child spy and is sent to infiltrate Sharma's child armies. But then Zelika, someone who was trained as a spy with Hem, spots her brother in the child army camp. Then instead she joins Sharma's army to help her brother escape.

Hem then tails the army hoping for an opportunity to help her and her brother escape. Eventually he infiltrates the camp and finds out that Zelika has died. He then meets up with Saliman and start their journey to find Hem's sister.

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