The mysterious benedict society

The Mysterious Benedict Society is a mystery novel by Trenton Lee Stewart where four kids of unusual talents are recruted to save the world.


Reynie, Stick, Kate and constance are kids with unusual talents and they are all recruted for a secret mision by Mr. Benidict. They are sent to The Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened. there they meet the headmaster and antagonist Mr.Curtain who is unowingly Mr.Benedicts identical twin brother. once there they make ther way up the ranks until they are close enogh to be entrusted with the secret of the whisperer.

The whisperer is a machine that transmits thoughts into another persons mind and makes them belive what the whispere wants them to belive. Mr curtain trys to use this machine to take over the world and for him to be loved. The four kids manage to stop him at the last minuet, destroy the whisperer and shut down the institute.