The Riddle


The Riddle

Written By

Alison Croggon

Cover Artist

Phillip Schramm and Niroot Puttapipat


Walker books



The Riddle is the second book in the Pellinor series. Written by Alison Croggon.


Maerad has reached Thorold with her mentor, Cadvan. When they get there, they encounter hulls (evil bards) so they hide in the mountains. Whilst there they discover that Maerad has Elidhu powers and she learns how to control them.

Soon afterward they decide to leave and go in search of the Tree Song. As they travel across a mountain pass, Cadvan and Maerad get seperated by a landslide. Maerad decides to go to the plains of Zmarkan to consult a wiseman about what the Tree Song really is. On the way there she is captured by the Winter King (a very powerful Elidhu) but she is saved eventually by Queen Ardina (who is also an Elidhu). Whilst escaping Maerad learns she can transform into a wolf. Eventually she is reunited with Cadvan.